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20 August 09

Due to circumstances beyond our control there will be a change to our Forum in the very near future. The old forum will be discontinued and a new one established, however the old forum will still be viewable but the threads will be locked off. We apologise for the inconvenience. If anyone has problems accessing the new forum, please let us know. 

3 April 09

On Monday night, 13 April, someone stole the bonnet scoop off an A9X in Penguin. As you can imagine the owner is not happy and wants it back. If anyone can help, please e-mail us or give me a call on 0439 371314. Otherwise please let everyone know and keep a look out as a genuine A9X scoop is different than your average aftermarket item.

10 March 09

Southside Performance & Dynos have recently opened up at 60 Main Street, Wivenhoe, and offer all mechanic needs, services, 4WD repairs and spare parts. The Dyno is set to take cars and bikes.

They also have a Soda Blast machine which is the latest equipment in blasting. It uses food grade Bicarbonate Soda which is water soluble with no mess and is 100% environmentally friendly. By using the Soda Blast you don't have to paint and prepare straight away unlike normal blasting methods, you have up to 3 months to paint. It strips motors and engine parts quickly and effectively. The Soda Blast is fully portable and can be hired on an hourly basis with operator included in the price, or smaller jobs can be dropped off.  Other uses are removing graffiti, paint on timer and marine residue.

Southside Performance & Dynos are having an open day on 4th April coinciding with the Auto Show in Burnie, and have invited us to come and celebrate with them and bring our cars out to put on the Dyno. There's a special rate for the day but you are advised to book. The Open Day will start from 3pm after the Auto Show.

Contact - Darren on 6432 4467 or 0417 148 655.

6 March 09
TTO Face Book Site

We now have a Face Book site thanks to Keli & Crystal.  There's already heaps of activity with a lot of our regulars joining in. Check out the site by clicking on the Face Book logo.

13 Feb 09
Tas Rally Toranas

Two Toranas are entered in this years Rally which started from the Burnie Yacht Club this afternoon. Entrants are long time Tasmanian rally & Targa competitor David Cooper and his navigator Brad Sherriff the mighty SS hatch and Donn Todd and Dean Tighe from Queensland in their Jasmin yellow A9X sedan who have also been regular entrants in Tas Rally and Targa over the years.  David Cooper's car has a change of colour as it was aquarius, however when he peeled his sponsors stickers off, the paint also peeled off so he decided to repaint it white which will be the colour of the new hatch he is currently building. We hope to run a feature on David's new car in the future.




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